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Classes for Schools, College & Education | Performing Arts, Dance, Drama & Theatre Kindred Spirits are open to collaboration with...

Classes for Schools, College & Education | Performing Arts, Dance, Drama & Theatre

Drama for Schools Gloucestershire

Dance for Schools Gloucester

Performing Arts for Schools Cheltenham

Kindred Spirits are open to collaboration with local education outlets including in schools, colleges, universities or smaller clubs, groups and community organisations. Our leaders are experienced teachers who refresh and inspire learning in the arts.

Kindred Spirits will support your curriculum with regular or one off guest sessions in any the following areas:

School Dance Workshops

Dance & Performance

Drama, Performing Arts & Theatre in Schools

Performing Arts, Drama & Theatre

Bush Craft in Schools Gloucestershire

Bush Crafts

Community Engagement for Schools Gloucestershire

Community & Inclusion

We have experience leading summer school day sessions for schools, sensory-led workshops at SEN schools, providing guidance at colleges and giving guest lectures at universities on subjects such as performance, self employment, community engagement and inclusion.

Kindred Spirits work with you to plan and deliver the right classes/program for your needs:

  1. Meeting & Joint Planning
  2. Bid/Presentation
  3. Our Planning (Lesson Plans)
  4. Teach!

Workshops for Schools

Performing Arts Cheltenham

Kindred Spirits run regular home education classes. Please see our home ed page for more information.

Our Team Building sessions are also perfect for education and development for people of all ages. Click for more information.

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Drama Gloucestershire

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